Balanced Life

Haven't written anything for weeks. Perhaps my brain's dehydrated from using up the few pints of creative juices I have for my presentations. I have done three this month so far, one for each course. Still need to do 5 more, and then term paper proposals and the term paper itself.

May is still 2 months away but I can almost feel it coming. I know there's a lot of things to do, just what I have mentioned, but I'll get there. The happiness I'm feeling now is just out of nowhere. Sometimes, as I cross the street, or just walk my way to get some steaming hot soy milk and Taiwanese breakfast crepe each morning, I can feel my lips smiling without any apparent reason. I guess I'm just real happy now. I have so much to think about, topics for papers, my internship applications, and moving out of this place called hellish dorm, but I like taking it slow. That's why I take advantage of cold quiet nights like this one because I can just surf the web in my bed, write anything, and listen to Norah Jones.

That's life for me now. I guess it's all about balance. Studying, having fun, getting to know people more so I can truly call them friends, and nurturing this friendship that would definitely last a lifetime, even if I know that some would go back to their homelands three or four months from now, and I have no idea if we'd still see each other again. But as they say, you got to savor the moment. And I never thought learning Chinese would be fun all over again. No "si diam" this time around. Our teacher would really make sure that we understand each word she says and each word we read. This is the reason why I'm now addicted to simple Chinese conversations, improving on my Chinese little by little. I just need more time to study the tones and other vocabularies and I'm on my way to Book 4! My week's always about studying my four courses, with twice a week Chinese class, and then fun lunches and dinner with classmates and friends, but at the bottom of all things, I still get my work done no matter what.

I have to thank the Big Boss up because I know that this balance and peace I'm having now is from Him. I'm starting to miss a lot of people again. But this time around, I wont let that swallow me up. I try to go out more now and talk to people, and not just sulk around in my room. About my feelings and worries, I just bring them up to God at night, or whenever we talk. I know He'll not let me down and would watch upon my friends and beloved family, that's one thing I'm sure of.

Hoping, praying that things would fall into place again, as it always does. With His grace.

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