It's Sinking In

Enough of the sad posts because reality is now sinking in. Im two-weeks away before I invade Jerry Yan's territory. I'm excited, nervous, scared, happy, sad and insert all other possible emotions in between. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind, staring blankly at the ceiling, watching TV but not really watching, listening to songs but not really listening. You get me?

Good news though, I have started some get-togethers, the first group I went out with was my highschool friends last Saturday. Guess what we did for bonding? After lunch at Chili's Greenbelt 5, where we wolfed down 5 plates of bottomless nachos, we went target shooting somewhere in Chino Roces. I will upload pictures of me holding a gun and shooting (ugh, first timer) when the camera-holders of that day send me some pictures.

Moving on, I still haven't bought a luggage. I hope I can get the brown Delsey or the red Samsonite I'm eyeing. The one I bought in HK, I gave it to my brother who left for Jeddah last midweek of July. I have a long to-buy list, mostly necessities, and the medicines- mom promised to take care of it. The packing I will have to do by next week.

Now I'm just busy thinking of what other necessary steps to take, aside from having my travel tax certificate renewed because of my misspelled name. I wonder, stress has not yet taken its toll, but I'm now breaking out like crazy. I miss my crystal clear skin, like the one I have in that snapshot taken last January in Tagaytay. We're wide awake til dawn just playing taboo, and yet my skin didn't even break out. Well I'm crossing my fingers that in a few days' time, my skin will be back to normal with the help of my really great dermatologist. She removed all traces of zits this afternoon. Oh, beauty is painful. But as the old adage goes, "No pain, no gain."

I trust my dermatologist in all things skin-related. I'm really OC when it comes to my skin because I don't use powder or foundation. I go out everyday without make-up on and that's my reason why it has to be clean and clear. By the way, it's good I went to see her because I was planning on applying moisturizer come winter season in Taipei. She almost freaked out when I said that. No moisturizers for oily skin, only around the eye area. That's a little beauty tip coming from a doctor!

Ciao! Am trying to finish Eat Pray Love. I heard Julia Roberts has started filming! :)


Dea said...

Hello there! Got your link from GT. Where in Chino Roces did you do your target-shooting? Looks interesting!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Park Square Mall- Armcor :)