The Last Farewell

One day I would have the greatest story to tell to my children and grandchildren. That I, their mother, lined up for an hour to pay her last respect to the woman who gave their country democracy. I'd describe to them the week that must have been the most sorrowful for the Philippines as a nation, and how the Filipino people mourned over a death of a mother, a president, an icon, and above all, a simple woman who had an unwavering faith to God and to her religion.

If the nation's in utter confusion, she would clasp both of her hands, intertwined with a rosary, and kneel down in prayer. If there is one great thing I have learned this week, it is the importance of one's faith. No matter how much you have, or how rich you are, if you don't have faith, if you don't have God in your heart, everything fails, falls, and falters. President Cory Aquino gave voice to the voiceless, gave hope to the hopeless. She will forever live in our hearts, and we, Filipino people will forever be indebted to her.

As I took a glimpse of her seemingly frail body, she was wearing a peaceful smile, as if bidding everyone a good farewell, over a beautiful death. Goodbye, Tita Cory. The one and a half hour of lining up under the sweltering heat was nothing compared to what you and Senator Ninoy Aquino had to endure for our nation. Seven years and seven months of separation, torture and assassination, and yet the flame of their love for each other did not even dwindle. It is true love in every sense of the word. Now that we lay you to rest today, we thank you endlessly. For everything, thank you.


lolit said...

hi, we share the same feelings and sentiments towards all these matters concerning tita Cory.We are all sad!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Yes cant help but be sad, but cant help but be happy too for all the pain has ended... she's now in God's embrace, and reunited with Sen. Ninoy :)