Rest Well, Lola

My Lola Amparo (my mom's mom) passed away last Wednesday, August 12. I have three lolas, don't make me explain why because it's going to be a long story. But most of my close friends know the story behind. Lola Amparo is my only lola who saw me grew up. Lola Puraw died when I was 7, and Lola Otillia, I never had the chance to meet her for she died years before I was born.

During the church service before Lola Amparo's burial. All my aunts, and even my mom, assigned me to do the "response" (family members speak before the flower offertory). And so here was my piece. A short note of gratitude and reflection I wrote only for my Lola Amparo, for I will miss her, forever.

Good morning everyone! Before anything else, let me introduce myself. I'm Jacqueline Dy Uy, one of the 25 grandchildren of lola Amparo, also the daughter of her youngest, Juliet.

Please allow me to speak on behalf of our family. To all our relatives, friends, neighbors, everyone close and dear to my lola, everyone who were by my lola's side when she breathe her last, until today, when we are finally laying her to rest, our family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for being there in our moment of grief. The words Thank You may never be enough to show our appreciation to all of you who shared with us your love, prayers and sympathy.

We will always remember Lola Amparo as a lovely, kind-hearted, religious woman. When lola was still strong, and her memory sharp and vivid, she would visit us in Ballesteros. She would usually go with Auntie Ining, the late Lola Maling and Lola Nena, and spend the night at our place. And when I was still a little girl and she still had that small sari-sari store, Lola would always give me paperdolls, and my brothers would usually eat the chicharon or whatever chichirya she is selling. Mama would sometimes say, "Ibusen yu ta lakko ni lola yun." But that was lola, she was fond of children. Although her death brought all of us deep pain and sadness, at the end of the day, we can't help but be happy because she is now resting in the arms of God.

Death of a loved one shouldn't bring much sorrow. In fact, death, like life, should be celebrated. Afterall, Lola Amparo lived such a beautiful life with her husband, my Lolo, together with their eight beautiful children- my Auntie Luming, Auntie Herminia, Auntie Mely, Uncle Jun, Uncle Ruben, Uncle Sanny, Uncle Rey, and my mom, Juliet. And yet til the very end, Lola Amparo died a peaceful beautiful death.

With this, we would like to invite everyone to join us in celebrating Lola Amparo's well-lived life, in a simple salo-salo lunch prepared by our family after the burial. Again, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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