Bactidol and Cetaphil Saved the Day

My Thursday and Friday were truly unforgettable. Here's a detailed account on what those two days looked like. Thursday morning, I was literally running around Makati to do some errands, buying stuff I have to bring home for my 2-week vacation in Cagayan. Thursday night, TECO's Director Wei, together with Ms. Happy, hosted a gastronomic feast a.k.a. superb dinner at Mey Lin Restaurant in Jupiter. Ms Happy also handed me my passport-to-the future, *drumroll* my Taiwan Visa. Just look at my happy face in the picture. In exactly 29 days, I'll be strolling the streets of Taipei and studying again!

So anyway, all of us had fun during the dinner as we feasted on Mey Lin's renowned Hong Ma or Pata Tim, Three-Cups Chicken and all other Taiwanese foods. We chatted about Director Wei's life, love life, Taiwan life and all other things. In between stories and laughter, little did I know that I was up to some adventure, or misadventure to say the least, in the next few hours. And can I just say that the dinner in Mey Lin was my last decent meal in 2 days? Read on and go figure.

After hours of chatting with Achie Gracie (my cousin who accompanied me in the bus) inside the bus, we both fell asleep. At half past twelve, that is Friday morning, Achie woke me up saying that we might go back to Manila since there's a landslide somewhere in Nueva Vizcaya. Five hours later, we were still on that same place. What a great time to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, without mobile signal (I'm a subscriber of the telecommunication network who claims that they have the nation-widest coverage.). After three hours, the driver finally said that we're gonna go another way, via Ilocos then Cagayan. Well, I hope he was smart enough to have thought of that plan earlier.

To sum it all up, I stayed on the road for 32 butt-breaking hours. But thanks to Bactidol, my partner-in-crime who gave me fresh breath all throughout, and to Cetaphil, my-no-rinse-needed-facial-wash, I felt clean and energized nonetheless. Bactidol and Cetaphil were my heroes during my entire stay in the bus.

I was home by around 4:30 in the morning, Saturday (supposedly, I should be home by 8:00AM Friday). I still thank God I was able to reach home safe and sound. I'm also praying that no one got injured with the landslide. My plan for the entire two weeks? Finish my reading list and eat a whole lot of Ilokano home-cooked meals. Sigh, I will be missing them in the coming months. So I will eat and eat but I think I need some physical activity here, so maybe I can do some brisk walking tomorrow, when I'm well rested. Or maybe on Monday. :)

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