Quick Update

Just a quick update. Mom and I were about to buy a luggage this afternoon but we failed. The one we wanted was out of stock. Guess what we did? We watched Kimmydora instead. After laughing my heart out, everything dawned on me. No luggage yet and I have not started packing a single thing. The clock is ticking so tomorrow I have to finish the things I need to do. Luggage first, then pack pack pack.

But so far I have been enjoying the company of my friends and family. All these bon voyage dinners and coffee dates they are hosting for me are making me fat. I love how we get to bond during these times. I'll call it a day now because tomorrow's a busy one. Sometimes I wish everything's just a piece of cake, a walk in the park. But there's always gotta be challenge. It makes the journey worth it and fruitful.

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