Not Just Studying Here

I promised myself I will be blogging after reading a chapter from my Communication Theories class and after reviewing for my Research Methods quiz. Classes have finally started for me. It feels so college-y, sitting in a lecture for about 3 hours. It reminded me of all the major subjects I need to take during my undergraduate years. Education system here is a bit different compared to our system in the Philippines. I don't know how to explain it. Let us just say that our CommArts professors in DLSU had the best 2-page concise syllabus and their matter-of-fact teaching is truly incomparable. Nevertheless, I have yet to experience the education system here so let me write about it in a month or so.

I will be taking four courses this first semester, and that is equivalent to 12 units, a full-load for a graduate student. I just don't want to slack of. I want to do everything I can so I can finish this as early as possible and do my serious stuff after. But don't get me wrong. I love the environment here (well, except the heat, the melting sweltering scorching heat), and our university is beautiful. It adds up to my wonderful learning experience yada yada.

But my life here isn't just about studying. It would be boring if I kept it like that. I still Skype with my parents and brothers daily, and also chat with my friends, and…. I'm now on the road to discovering Taiwan and all its wonders! Last Saturday my Filipino friends and I went to Dan Shui, a nice place overlooking the sea; to Fort San Domingo, somewhat similar to Malacanang of the North in Ilocos, and to Shi Lin, a night market (where you can literally faint just looking at the swarm of people). I cant wait for mid-October to come. We all promised we will take ourselves to a shopping spree. And and and! I cant wait to bring my family to the places I've been to. I miss them with all my heart.

Today is also the 40th day of my lola, so I cant be all too giddy and happy. I am still continuously praying for the repose of her soul, and asking her to be always by my side. My mom and aunts had a gathering this afternoon for Lola. I also prayed to her during the mass. I hope I can keep up with going to mass here every Sunday because I never missed my obligation back in Manila.

Tata for now. Some pictures :)

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ei, fun taiwan?! :D