First Week

First, sorry for the backlog of posts. I was meaning to write things down every single day but the week was hectic. I skype with my mom, dad, and friends each night to let them know how I'm doing so I didn't really have the time to write. So here goes.

September 9
I attended the International Students' Orientation and met Lucia, a Slovak. We were given a tour inside the campus and there I met a super nice and bubbly student ambassador named Phoebe. The day was really tiring but the night ended sweet as I was invited out by my new friends here in the dorm (see previous post). They took me to Shi Da Night Market and I love the place, and the foods too!

September 10
This day was pretty much a drag but hey, there's something that makes my evening always special. I attended the Fire & Disaster Prevention Workshop in the morning and went to Immigration with Lucia to apply for our ARC. After which, we literally ran back to school to do the health examination, which was the weirdest health exam I had in all my life. I don't even want to talk about it. After that, I headed to the dorm with Lucia, rested for a while and went to Taipei 101. Taipei 101 is magnificent!

September 11
Another workshop for the scholarship thing. Met up with fellow scholars and decided to go out together the day after. This is also the day that I successfully managed to do my laundry! Hooray!!!

September 12
Miramar with the scholars!

September 13
Sunday is the time to thank God for always being there. to keep me safe, and to keep my family safe while I'm away. I met up with my cousin's cousin, Lynlyn, and we went to Church. Headed to Ximending after for lunch and yummy dessert.

Today marks my first week here in Taipei. I have been to different places and met new people and everything's well, thank God. The course orientation was held earlier. Met the classmates and the higher batch and also the professors. Everyone's so cool I hope I can get to know each one better.

Tomorrow is my first day of class so I hope I can make it good.

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