Taipei First Day

When I left Manila, the weather's gloomy as it started to rain. I saw the raindrops on my window, and it happened. As the raindrops fell, so did my teardrops. I cant believe I'm really doing this now. But I know it is part of God's will. My best friends just surprised me at the airport and gave me a scrapbook I can always turn to when I'm sad. Of course mom and dad went with me at the airport. I was feeling normal when they left, but it's completely different story when I was about to board the plane.

So yesterday was my first day in Taipei. I met two Taiwanese girls, Kerry and Jane, who helped me in buying the internet cord and all other stuff I need. They are so nice they even helped me set up my internet here inside the room. I also met up with Diether and Sir Mark, both Taiwan scholars. They accompanied me to Carrefour to buy a mattress and other things. The room's okay. I can live as long as I have a bed, internet, and shower heater. It's my second day now and I miss home, I miss my mom, my brother and my dad. But I know I can survive with Skype. The week's pretty hectic. I will be attending an orientation tomorrow, and a workshop the next day. Please include me in your prayers as I start a life here. :)

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