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Travel opportunity is among one of the many reasons why I said yes to my current job. Last week, I was in Tokyo to assist in the training program that our organization and partner Japanese institutions organized for Asian bankers.

After several months of coordination, from sending out notices, to processing invitation letters, meal planning and writing evaluation reports, we are finally done. All the preparation involved was just so tedious and at times frustrating, but after seeing how the delegates were satisfied with how our event went, I can say that all efforts from both sides paid off.

Our training program took place on December 2-3. We arrived Tokyo on December 1 and left December 4, giving me quite an ample time to visit some places and do some shopping (which our previous program and conferences did not allow me to do).

I met up with my classmate from NCCU Mandarin Learning Center, Ryota. He fetched me at the hotel and brought me to a lot of places, took me to a really good-I'm-at-a-loss-for-words sushi place near Ginza, and then some udon in Shibuya. Tokyo subway is as convenient as Taipei, although older and can use some renovation.

My mom also asked me to meet Ate Annette, who is working in Tokyo and the kababata of my cousin, Ate Juvy. I was free after our morning session on December 3, so while waiting for Ate Annette, I took my own sweet time in Ginza and located the flagship stores of Uniqlo and Muji. They were humongous. Uniqlo has 12 floors, while Muji has 3- but each floor is as spacious as a warehouse.

Japan will really make your wallets empty, until the very last minute that you're in their territory. I still managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Matsuya Ginza after checking out from the hotel, just to buy  this famous chocolate-coated biscuit. Went back to the hotel and waited for the airport bus. And more shopping at the airport. Really, you have been warned. If you dont want to go bankrupt, just bring one credit card so you wont over-swipe (hahaha). The airport is a Kitkat heaven. It carries different flavors from matcha green tea, strawberry, sakura, cheesecake, down to wasabi. I bought a few boxes just to try, but skipped the wasabi. I wish my brother went with me because I really needed someone to carry the bags, dang those boxes of Kitkats were heavy.

I would want to go back someday but hopefully for leisure, not work. It was overall a great trip and a successful program, I hope the next ones will even be greater!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! Hubby and I really love Japan. He has been to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Okinawa. While I've been to Nagoya for an academic conference (my past life). We both could not forget our experiences there. We hope to go together soon. Thanks for the pictures. Really lovely!

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