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I recently asked a good friend of mine what he does with the money that he earns- that's after setting aside money for daily allowance, rent (if you live far from home this amount takes quite a huge chunk from your salary), electricity, phone bill yada yada. He said he invests in the stock market. Ahhhhh i thought to myself, you are one of those people who are into those things.

He then went on and explained why he chose the stock market. He cited time deposits and dormant savings accounts. He did most of the talking, or typing rather because we were chatting online. I told him I'm guilty that I put everything into my savings accounts, and the money just stays there.

And so I've read about inflation and how the money in my account can lose its value. This friend sent me some materials to read, which I did. You see, I'm not the type who loves to take risks (well living abroad is the biggest risk I've taken so far and I want no more). So when I've learned that you can lose money with the up and down trend of the market, I figured maybe investing is not for me.

Then I had this talk with my dihia, my brother who is so into all investment-related matters. He encouraged me to just try and take a baby step towards investing. He sent me a 50-page ebook in pdf format that I stared at for a good 3 minutes. He told me he likes reading those materials compared to novels and other stuff that I read. (He said he *tried* reading Dante's Inferno on his iPad and didn't bother opening the ebook again after chapter 1.)

I spent some time to read the material he gave me which can be downloaded at this website. I took note of the things that sounded alien to me and did a quick research. After a short FB discussion with my brother and my friend, I have finally decided to sign up for COL Easy Investment Program (COL EIP), which uses the peso-cost averaging method.

I printed and filled-out an application form, but since I'm based in Taipei and will have to send the application packet via courier, I sent a scanned copy to COL and asked them to check if I missed out on anything. They replied after one or two days and gave their feedback. Now I'm ready to mail my application and start my journey to financial fitness. I'm excited to start investing but I hope this excitement wont die down.

To know if investing is for you, try reading the ebook and visit the COL website.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on investing sis! I hope you post more about your COL Financial Application, I am also interested in investing there.

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, follow mo din blog ko. Here's the link:

Hope we can share our experiences investing in the Stock market :)