Funding your COL account

Paid using Metrobank online

Here goes my COL application update! A week after I mailed my application packet, I received a confirmation email from COL Financial which included my account number and a guide on how to fund my account.

You can pay using online banking or the usual over-the-counter bank deposit. Since I'm not in Manila, I used my Metrobank online account. I took a screenshot of the transaction receipt and emailed it to a COL representative. The day after, I received my log-in details. Be sure to change the password as soon as possible for security measures.

You may visit this page for a more detailed information.

Opening an account even if you're not in Manila is extremely easy. COL representatives are efficient and respond to emails. I can now open my portfolio and start buying shares when the Philippine market opens after the New Year. Crossing my fingers that investing will be a good way to start the year. A happy and blessed 2014!


Praise On The Spot said...

I just opened an account too and I sent it through Xend. I fund my COL account through BPI or BDO. Great way to start our 2014!

Kim Reyes said...

Oh, this is interesting! I'll look into this since one of my pledges this year is to invest.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope it works for you. I have no time to track the market so I'm investing in UITFs for now.

Angel said...
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Angel said...

good luck sis!