I'm Home

Word vomit. I'm just truly happy that I'm now at home, bonding with the parents and the rest of the family who I missed all so dearly, catching up with good friends, good reads (my Chinese book 4 for now) and good eats. If only I can eat more than three times a day, I'll stuff my stomach with kare-kare, inihaw na liempo, asado, halaya, Sonja's cupcakes at kung anu-anu pa. Sabi nga ng pinsan ko, enjoy life, wala ng dieta dieta.

Here are some pictures taken from the nine-day Philippines trip of my friends I met in Taiwan. We had a fair share of unfortunate events that I wouldn't want to happen again to anyone visiting the country, so the best thing I would suggest to international students planning a trip to Pinas… skip Manila (even if it means skipping all the gastronomic feast that will make your tummy happy, keeping Loperamide tablets on hand) and go straight to the paradise that is Boracay.

The highlight was of course, Boracay.

We stayed in Alta Vista so we have direct access to two beaches, the Long Sand Beach and Puka Beach. I love love love Puka Beach, owned by Alta Vista and Eco Village. It's a private beach you can even call it your own because it's so secluded. Since the private beach is exclusive only to the two resorts' guests, other people reach Puka if they go island hopping.

Watching the sunset was an "ooh… ahh…omg" moment.

All that time I was just whispering my thanks to God for creating such a beautiful island in my own country.

Massage by the beach was just pure bliss.

I will never ever get hungry when I'm home, and I hate Taipei for making me feel hungry all the time with the lack of "good" food selection. Thank you Bea for the red velvet cupcake treat!

...And lastly, picture with Pop in Tagaytay (I brought my other French friend to Tagaytay last weekend.) I was not able to write a father's day post for him because I was busy with mom in Taipei that time. I always feel so secured and protected when he is around. And when the *incident* happened and I heard his voice on the phone, I know everything will be fine. I missed his chubby cheeks, and I love him soooo much even if his temper goes out of whack at times. Belated happy pop's day Pa!


Danielle said...

Miss you and your beautiful country Jackie!! It really was a wonderful journey I will never forget. Have an awesome summer and keep writing!! <3

Karen said...

nice post! im missing boracay tuloy..