The Heart

The heart is the primary organ of the circulatory system. It pumps blood and carries oxygen to all tiny blood vessels to the different parts of the body. It is the heart that makes us, human beings, live and experience life. Apart from this primary purpose, the heart gives off physical manifestations of our emotions. It beats faster if we're nervous, it beats slower if we're all calm. But sometimes, the heart can also feel all the hurts and pains, that it manifests by giving us crushing, throbbing feeling. Have you been hurt so bad that your chest has started to feel heavy, painful, like it's already crushing you?

It just makes me feel bad that it's really one of the people so dear to me who's giving my heart some scabs and scratches. I have never felt so insignificant that I have been bypassed all the way. I feel like being "used" all this time, being remembered randomly if they need something. The feeling is horrible, my heart, still aching. I have never done this to anyone, more so, anyone close to me. But that's the story. I forgive all too easily, but it may take me a lifetime to forget what has been done. My heart brings back those raw emotions in just a snap, crushing me again into pieces.

Moving on, even if people treat me like an object, there are still people who spoil me and make me feel ever so priceless. I have always and will forever love my mom's side of the family. With older cousins who spend time with you, giving you worthy pep talks, and life advice, what more could you ask for? My Achie Gracey treated me to lunch in Greenhills and after which we watched the matinee show of Legally Blonde The Musical! It's been years since I last watched a live theatrical performance and it was refreshing to see Nikki Gil and Nyoy Volante together on stage! I wouldn't have gotten the chance to watch this (last showing day tomorrow so hurry up!) musical if not for Achie! Thankeeeee Achie :)

One more reason why my heart is happy despite everything- my reunion with my Fs, my high school best friends! We only get to see each other few times a year so our date together is always something to look forward to. I'm happy that both my Fs are doing very well in med school (Monica, despite the stress), career (Monnette, earning and saving for the future) and love aspects (blah blah blah hahaha) of their lives. Our out of the country tour next year should push through by hook or by crook! I just cant imagine us growing old, spending time together in the same salon, perhaps having our hair dyed (which I still have to think of as an option because of my "自然美" mantra) Hahaha! Friends will never fail to make you happy!

I have the best set of high school and college best friends, and I have the best achies in my mom's side. I'm sure that we'll back each other up in times of heart aches and whatever aches life will offer. It just feels so nice to surround yourself with people special to you and to fill your heart with goodness and love.

P.S. Something big is happening on Monday. I'm still praying that it will turn out positive. Lord help me!

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