Musings on Life Again

Staying in a place so far away from the city can really give you a reflective mood. I have been spending time to reflect about everything and it's like a breath of fresh air every time I think not about myself but about other people whose lives also matter to me. Like last night while it was dark and quiet, it dawned on me again- how life can be so unfair and cruel to some, perfect and wonderful to others. I have been people watching lately, from people I see on the streets to people on top of the world. See the great disparity there?

I hate this fact about life. Others get to enjoy, others suffer. Is it just a case of fortune versus misfortune? Some work their ass off to make both ends meet and yet even if they work from day to night, their income wont still be enough live decently. If a friend of mine would be able to read this, she'd tell me that I'm thinking too much again. But isn't it time to think of others too? It is just such a pity that at this point in my life I cannot do anything about this, and I blame myself that I think and blab too much but I cant even do anything. I promise to mother earth and to the highest heavens that after I get this degree, it's time to do something, nothing drastically life changing but something that will make these people feel that life can be good too and that somewhere out there lies people who still care.

And then I was on Skype with a couple of best friends. We were again discussing where we will end up after all these things. Where we're headed to seems like the most ubiquitous question now. We're (at this point in time) far from quarter life crisis, but it is always the next step that we are thinking. In just a snap, I thought why do we think of these things when other people have greater problems? We think of who will we be in the future but others out there are thinking if they even have a chance for a future. Such is the life and so we begin in step one of all things, to enjoy this moment and seize every day that comes our way. Easy to say, hard to do eh? Lets focus and we'll get there.

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