Getting Ready

Good heavens, Taipei. When are you gonna stop raining? It has been raining for six consecutive days now and you aren't tired yet? But anyhow, I just smiled few seconds ago when I refreshed the weather update because I finally saw mister sun in the forecast! I am expecting sunshine on Friday until Sunday, hopefully carrying it over to Tuesday, until mom, my aunt and I leave Taipei for my summer break.

I am done done and done with all my papers and I don't want to do anymore revisions. I have free days left so I'm aiming to submit a one-page thesis proposal to my (still crossing my fingers) soon-to-be thesis advisor, praying that she will give me her go signal and accept me as her advisee.

My bags are all packed now and I'm actually ready to go. I'm just waiting for tomorrow to come and move to a hostel before mom comes this Friday. Talk about freedom! 24 credits done in a span of 9 months. I owe myself a Jollibee meal when I get back, Cibo's Ensalata Pacifica, Auntie Mely's inihaw na liempo and asado, and Manang Nen's homemade barbecue.

So what am I looking forward to in a couple of days? Knowing that I'd be bringing two good friends home and enjoying the beach with them, in a weather way better than Taipei! And of course, being with the mom and the dad who are childless for some months now. I cant wait to be home!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! You get to travel a lot. I hope you have a nice safe trip! Enjoy! :)