Keeping Calm

Thank God the most stressful week of the year is done. I wonder how I managed to get by with 4-5 hours of sleep each day for 5 days, working from 7am to 12 midnight (who in his right mind would set a meeting at 10pm and end at 12mn???).

I almost cried out of exhaustion when I arrived last Sunday, but I tried to remedy that by eating a good Katsudon for dinner, a matcha sundae, and an hour of full-body massage. I have never spent so much money for a spa treatment but my gosh, when the therapist poured drops of lavender oil and laid a big piece of hot towel on my back, ahhhh I was in heaven.

I've been sleeping at 9:00 pm each night since Sunday to fully recover. I hope I will never experience that crazy amount of stress ever again. Hope you're all having a good week! Here are some photos to keep us (or mostly me) cool and calm (cos I lost all of it in Vietnam haha!)

Prep meeting at the new CTBC headquarters 

Beautiful sunrise makes up for the early morning call time 

Vinpearl Resort, Ha Long Bay

Postcard perfect Ha Long Bay 

Had 3 hours to chill with my Kindle and iced ca phe

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