Friday's 10 Happy Things

I cannot put myself to sleep so I thought of writing a quick Friday's 10 Happy Things post which I have not done in a loooooong time.

1. My god daughter Emi's love letter which her dad mailed from Japan to Taiwan. It's written in a language that only she can understand, but I assume it reads "Happy birthday, Ninang! I love you!"

2. I ordered milk tea to go with my pasta last week and found the cup... amusing  annoying. Pwedeng all of the above ung last? Hehehe.

3. About to reach my savings goal for this year. Konting kayod pa at tipid tipid makakaraos din!

4. Skype date with my girl pals last Tuesday. We only had an hour to talk because of the Daylight Savings in Australia (3 hours time difference), so we had to "outline" and summarize what we had to discuss.

5. Not really an entirely happy thing that one of my friends is leaving Taiwan again, but I'm happy Marnie will finally be with his family and the love of his life. We had a small get together before he leaves on Saturday.

6. Long overdue Addiction Aquatic Development date with Hana, Erica and Addie (not in photo). Tambay in Family Mart for breaktime. Each brought a reading material they need to finish for their classes. I was just the one with nothing else to do. Hooray for working life hahaha.

7. Moving to a new office. We've been told we need to look for a new office space in 2013. It took us 3 years to move out...

8. I will miss taking night shots and sunset pictures from our office window.

9. A small thanksgiving reunion with Filipino friends at Kuya's

10. I've been wanting to try this powder! Any reviews from those who have used it?

Happy weekend!!!

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