Thankful Tuesdays 1

This is a link-up with Micha's Thankful Tuesdays series. Micha dedicates Tuesdays to thank the Lord for the many graces and blessings that He showers us through the week. Here's mine :)

1. My check-up last Friday went well despite all the panicking that I did. I was so nervous few days before my appointment with my doctor, but my pedia-cousin has been pushing me to go see a gynecologist after learning I've been on 3 courses of antibiotics and starting to experience its side effects. Dr. Bernice was very gentle and talked me through the whole process.

2. It is starting to feel like Christmas in this not-so-Christian island. The belen at our church looks so beautiful. The blue lights twinkle at night and sing a medley of Christmas songs. I cannot wait to see baby Jesus to complete the nativity scene. The photo was taken when I dropped by the church after my check up to express my gratitude. I also prayed for my brother who celebrated his birthday just recently. I miss you, ahia!

3. Hana, Tin and I scheduled a bonding sesh over sushi and sashimi last Saturday. I love making time for friends and spending a day with them, just talking about our lives, showbiz, and all other things. It was Tin's first time in Addiction Aquatic Development, and first time to eat sushi too! Next time we'll feed her sashimi. We joined our church group's trip to the National Palace Museum right after.

4. The Filipino group in church celebrated an early Christmas party last Sunday. We had a boodle meal and our churchmate Rex led the parlor games which consisted of Cheese Ring Loops Contest, Charades and Pass the Message. It was a joy to see all "ates" having a good time. They deserve moments like this after their long hours of daily work from employers.

5. I finally received my Daykeeper 2016. I cant wait to scribble my thoughts and plans on its pretty pages. Thank you, Doc David for hand-carrying it all the way to Taipei!

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