Christmas is a Feeling

"Christmas is a feeling, not a season," said one quote I saw on social media. I paused and pondered over it for a while. I tried to "feel" it, to breathe and open my senses if it is indeed Christmas. You see, there's this tiny hole inside my heart. It aches and sometimes steals away emotions, but last Sunday during Mass and at the Advent Recollection, this tiny hole closed a little and offered some peace. It's finally Christmas. I can feel it in the depths of my heart.

Every morning over the last few days, I give myself some quiet time. I read a devotional while sipping hot chocolate, reflecting and praying intently. I surrender all my worries and disappointments to Him, to let me heal little by little. And lately, just when I think about giving up, I can hear His voice in the silence, telling me to cling to him, talk to him always, to tell him of my many fears. It is Him who makes me feel Christmas, who makes me whole despite being broken.

I thank Him for these beautiful moments in the hurly-burly of Christmas. To have time to quiet down and just be thankful. I've been attending Simbang Gabi Mass and I'm committed to complete all 9 evenings, not to make a wish, but to offer thanksgiving. I look at the cross every night and whisper prayers of gladness, of praise. And I'm surrounded with people who do the same. St. Christopher's Church was packed on the first night and it was wonderful to see fellow Filipinos preparing themselves for the coming of Jesus.

At work, we had an early Christmas gathering since our boss will be on leave. We had a small post-conference party at the Le Meridien for dinner buffet on Monday, and the Christmas buffet in Hyatt on Wednesday. I tried my best not to pile my plate with so much good food, but this happened:

How can I resist so much good food?! I'm trying to discipline myself not to eat a lot mainly because it's winter and winter = fat. Since I cant attend yoga classes at night until December 24, I sign up for the 7AM classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and regular classes during weekends.

I hope (I'm sure) you can "feel" Christmas now that we're just a few days away! I wish you all a Blessed Christmas. Open your hearts and let Jesus in :)

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