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I'm joining Helga Weber's Friday's 10 Happy Things where bloggers list ten things that made them smile this week, so we can start the weekend on a more positive note. Here are my 10 happy things, in no particular order :) Thank you Helga for hosting this!

1. Goodbye, Inang- Although my heart is mourning, I decided to include my Inang's passing as one of the happy things that happened this week. I want to celebrate her life, her selflessness, her love to me, to our family. I wrote this for her while breathing in the magnificent sunset.

Sunset is such a beautiful reminder of beginnings and endings. Today my heart mourns for someone so dear, but a bigger part of it wants to celebrate her life- a life she has fully given to serve others with so much loyalty and love. We thank you, Inang Idot for your selflessness. For every sunrise that I will wake up to, I will remember to pray for you, and to thank you for attending to our needs for over 50 years. I will never ever forget how you would always sit by the gate and wait for us when you know we'll be home for vacation, how you fondly call me Kalling, how you taught me to eat mangoes with rice. You will always be family to me, Inang. Han ka agdanag 'nang, I will take care of your resting place ta ammuk kayat mo nga napintas ta balay mo. ❤

2. Yoga classes- My body's softening up after regularly attending yoga classes. The temperature last night in Taipei dropped to 13C and joining the Bikram (hot yoga) class was just perfect. I'm trying to attend classes of all the teachers to see which one would suit me best (because poor me died a little in one Ashtanga Basics class the previous day hahaha)

3. Pandora collection- I just look at this pretty little thing and my heart swells up with joy. I told a friend how I regretted buying the starter bracelet kit because I know I would not be able to fill it up with charms. I only got around to wearing it when it already has 4 or 5 charms. But after 2 years, close friends have gifted me with some charms that tell my story. For Christmas, I bought the gliterry murano glass charm from the Disney Frozen collection. I got it last Sunday at a discounted price thanks to my churchmates.

4. Sogo voucher- I worked two weekends ago and as compensation, we were given Sogo department store vouchers. It came rather timely because Sogo  and City Super were having their year-end sale. I used it mostly for groceries.

5. Chewy chocolate chunk cookies- I baked some cookies last Saturday because I was missing the comforting taste of it when paired with milk. Brought some to share with church friends.

6. Christmas lunch- My group of Filipino friends want to have a nice get together Christmas lunch and we thought of reserving a table in Shangri-La Hotel. I called in early this week and managed to make a reservation one month in advance. Looking forward to our mini gathering!

7. Bonding with the auntie- Spontaneous plans always work out. After Sunday lunch, Auntie Josie mentioned to me that she wants to see the new Breeze Mall (which is just right across from where I live), so I said I can accompany her if she wants to. It's been a long time since we went out on a 'date'. She is the closest thing to family to me here in Taipei.

8. Money talk with my brother- My eldest brother loves to spend his money on oftentimes useless stuff. We're very open about money and I always remind him to save save and save. I sent him a message this week about his 13th month pay, hoping he wont use up all of it!

9. Long conversation with Auntie Emi- I love talking to her. We talked during my entire lunch break yesterday and I didn't feel hungry at all hahaha. I cannot wait to visit her in the US soon.

10. Piggy custard buns- Dimdimsum Hong Kong has just opened their first branch here in Taipei. We lined up for a few minutes after work last Wednesday and tried their chef's recommendations. Was just sad I had to eat the poor piggy!

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

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