Back on the Mat

I'm back on the mat. After more than 2 years of no serious physical activity (leisure walking and biking do not count), I finally signed up with Pure Yoga. I quit my yoga practice in 2013 when I changed jobs because my schedule was packed. I was then with Royal Yoga's Fuxing North Branch. My favorite teacher also left Royal and I was not inspired to attend classes anymore. I would sometimes practice at home but I lacked motivation.

After two big work events, my body needed a break. I wanted to sprawl out on a mat and stretch every inch of my body. I decided to look up Pure Yoga Taipei online and filled out their form for a free trial class. I was bracing myself for some hard-sell marketing and sales promotion (surprisingly, they were a little more gentle than Royal), so I requested for a few days to give it some thought. The monthly fee is quite expensive and I didn't want to throw away my hard-earned money. From what I gather, Pure Yoga and Space Yoga are the two most expensive studios in the city.

However, after a few sessions with Pure, I was totally sold. Their teachers are highly qualified and trained. They know how to teach and interact with the students. My issue with my previous yoga studio is that the teachers cannot explain properly how to do the posture. We just imitate what they do, without knowing if we're doing it correctly. I also appreciate that their teachers take time to discuss the benefits of every posture in class.They ask beforehand if somebody has undergone a surgery, or if students have health concerns they would want to raise.

The classrooms and lockers are immaculately clean. No funny scent or sweaty smell inside the classrooms. The lockers are digital so there is no need to bring your own padlock (hello, I'm lookin at you, Royal). There is more than enough shower cubicles, hair dryers, cotton pads and all bath essentials. I haven't seen girls line up and wait for their turn to shower. But the real downside is the price. When I signed the contract last week, I made a commitment to myself for my membership fee to be worth every cent. I promise to always be motivated like I was back in 2013, when I would wake up early in the dead of winter just to attend my favorite teacher's 7:15am Vinyasa class. Hopefully I'll find the same inspiration again. Yoga on, dear self!

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