Steady Saturday

The weather yesterday was lovely. It was cold but with a burst of sunshine. After my Saturday Mass, I thought of taking a long walk somewhere in National Taiwan University. My friend and I cancelled our plan for lunch so it was me-time.

I had a mini recollection of the things I need to do. I missed being quiet and just listening to my own thoughts. Although I ended up confusing myself right after, at least I have some concrete actions on how to realize certain things. When the sun was about to set, I rushed home to jot down my plans. I hope 2014 will be a year filled with accomplishments, big and small. Bahala na po Kayo, Lord.


Unknown said...

Bloom where you're planted. I like that. I'm sure your 2014 will pan out just wonderfully.

Unknown said...

We're the same. Sometimes, I end up more confused than before I started mulling over things. I found that writing my thoughts after helps.

I hope an accomplishment-filled year for you too!