Oh happy days

Happy year of the Horse! Taiwan had a six-day holiday for the Chinese New Year. Stores and offices started closing by New Year's Eve- that's January 30, so Taipei's practically a ghost town until the fifth day of the New Year, when stores open to welcome the Money God.

I spent the holidays in Manila and enjoyed every bit of quality time with the family and some of my closest friends. It was a short vacation- so short that I didn't even have time for diamond peel and the works (haircut and eyebrow threading were my top priority hehe), but I'm thankful that I was able to visit Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. I made a promise several years ago before even starting my life abroad that I will go back and visit Our Lady, and this time I didn't break my promise.

It was such a beautiful feeling to utter silent words of gratitude for the life I've been living. I kept saying thank you, thank you and thank you then continued praying for the days to come, this time not for me, but for the people I love.

I miss Manila, I miss our home, I miss everyone. Vacations, no matter how long, will never be enough to stop this longing I have. I love get togethers, the serious and not-so-serious conversations, catching up sessions with my best pals over cups of hot chocolate and plates of ensaymada, shopping with mom, cuddling her in our already cramped bed, chitchats with my brother, kulitan with my dad (although this time over the phone only)- those are the simple things I look forward to everytime I'm home.

Till next time, Manila! Now back to work and filling up my planner with list of things to do. My EIP Scheduler is set for next week and I'm looking forward to that as well.


Unknown said...

Me too, I love going to Manaoag! I feel and believe she really prays with us and for us :)

Unknown said...

Yup, I agree with you and Kittykat. It's always nice to visit Our Lady of Manaoag, and it's always nicer to go back to be grateful just like you did. You'll have a great year of the horse!


Angel said...

there's no place like home! :)
more blessings sis!