Looking back

Last year I failed to make a "year in pictures" entry because I was too lazy and lacked inspiration. But because I had so much motivation from the outpour of blessings I've had this year, I recalled every moment worth remembering and tried writing them down. I promise to write more this year, and to never forget every significant event, no matter how big or small.

January 2013- Got me a new phone because my Blackberry went Deadberry.  Went home for two weeks. Broke the silence and finally had peace. Short reunion with friends and families. We opened our Lasaret Time Capsule and was surprised about the letters we wrote for ourselves and for God.

January reunion

February 2013- Worked for the whole of Chinese New Year, around 13 days of straight work because colleague had to travel to Shanghai to spend time with his family. Mid to late February I was asked to submit my resume to an organization, had an interview the day after, and they wanted me to start immediately. I still love my newspaper job and told the bosses I'd help part time.

Chinese New Year 2013

March 2013- Hence the start of juggling two worlds- part time and fulltime jobs. Worked my ass off day to night. The only rest I had was at lunch and a short nap. I don't even know why or how I managed to do this but I did it until May, when I finally realized why our Boss up there had to put me through hell to experience heaven. More on this later.

April 2013- My lovely aunt from the US, Auntie Emi came home for a short vacation with my cousin Jay, to visit Lola Mary. They knew it was the last time they'd see her. My brother, James also came home for his annual vacation. So rare for the three of us to be together. I missed my two brothers' kulitan. They used to wrestle a lot and play Undertaker, The Rock, Brethart etc.

Uy siblings

With Auntie Emi and Jay

May 2013- May is the most eventful month, I think. My college best friends Joy and Kaymee visited me for a much needed bonding and catching up. We stayed overnight at a hotel, and the remaining nights at my old apartment. I love them girls so much and I'm thankful that even if we're miles apart, nothing has ever changed. Quoting Joy, "Our friendship has not withered but instead has grown stronger."

Month of May ended in a sad note as I left my newspaper job and the best colleagues in the world. Then that shooting incident that marred TW-PH relations. My new work permit was submitted days before the incident took place. Worried sick that it wont get approved, but I prayed and told myself I will accept whatever is His plan. I was ready to go back home.

June 2013- Perhaps God laid out a plan which included extending my stay in Taipei. My work permit was approved because it was an extension of my permit for the part time job. To make the story short, if I didn't take the part-time job, if I didn't work morning to night, no work permit for me because the Council of Labor Affairs stopped processing work permits a day after the shooting incident.

After the good news, I had to look for a new apartment and I'll be forever thankful to my newspaper colleagues who helped me find one. After moving in (special thanks to good friends Ate G, Hana and Gustl who lent a hand in carrying boxes), I flew to Saigon for a short vacation with mom, and a side trip to one of my dream destinations, the Angkor Wat. After our vacation, Lola Mary passed away in her sleep. Auntie Emi went home, to say goodbye.

July 2013- Started full-time with my current job. Cant remember anything spectacular for this month, except for that wonderful hike to Elephant Mountain.

August 2013- Organized a training program in Singapore for work. Mini reunion with cousins and my goddaughter, Alyanna.

September 2013- Celebrated my 4th year of being away from home. Attended the annual conference for work in Mongolia. Stayed there for four days but failed to see the country side.

October 2013- Was given a mini surprise by my church family. Blew four or five cakes, the most I've blown since ummmmm birth. It was a rather simple celebration with good friends. I'm afraid I'm getting used to *not* celebrating my birthday. Went home for my friend Mylyn's wedding. Mylyn is the sister of one of my best friends, Monnette. Then my mom's eldest brother, Uncle Jun, passed away. An earthquake struck Bohol and Cebu and reduced century-old churches to rubble. Seeing photos of the collapsed churches I visited once or twice in my lifetime was just too saddening.

November 2013- After the earthquake, came supertyphoon Yolanda that hit the eastern part of the Philippines. More than 6,000 dead, thousands homeless. Helped organize a small donation drive with friends and sent items from Taipei to Capiz. Praying that year 2014 will bring them hope to build a new life. Ended November with a short trip to Yingge, north of Taipei.

December 2013- Flew to Tokyo for work, my first time in Japan, and also my last trip of the year. Met up with my classmate from NCCU Mandarin class and he gave me a mini tour of his home country. This marks my third Christmas in Taipei with church family and friends. Although I terribly miss my family, my friends and I made sure that we'll have a great celebration of Christ's birthday. And to cap off the year, I signed up for a COL account, hoping it'll be a good venue to invest.

So many things not listed here, so many things to be grateful for. I look forward to 2014. Thank you, 2013!


Happy new year from me and the rubber ducky (unfortunately, it burst into a flat disc the day after we visited)


jocris said...

Have a prosperous new year. and More trips for you to come still.. ^_^

Jacqueline Uy said...

Thank you, happy 2014 to you too :)

Love Love ♥ said...

I think every time we reach the end of the year it's necessary for us to go back to how the year has been and list down all the things that we are grateful for, or our achievements, and experiences because in the end I realized it makes us feel like the year did NOT just passed us by, but we really had a wonderful year -- something to be grateful for!

Leah @ http://curiousweekends.blogspot.com/

Angel said...

wow! you had a fab 2013! hope 2014 will be much more fabulous! have a wonderful 2014 sis!


Unknown said...

More blessings for you, happy new year!


Unknown said...

That was an amazing 2013. I especially liked seeing your travel photos! It made me wish I could travel again this year. I hope you had a happy new year and lots of blessings for you this 2014! :D

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for your comments! More blessings and travels to all of us this 2014! :) ~jackie

Aiza said...

Tomorrow will always be better so hoping you'll have a grander 2014! :)

Jhanz said...

Looks like 2013 was extremely eventful! Happy 2014!