Temple and Wishes

It was such a beautiful day last Friday. After a cold and wet week the sun has finally peeked through the clouds. My colleagues and I have planned to visit one of the biggest temples here in Taipei in time for the CNY. We spent the whole Friday morning together before going to work. Bonded over philly cheese steak sandwiches in Ximending (there's this restaurant called Cheese David- or something like that- they serve no non-sense philly cheese steak and fries!) and took the MRT to Xingtian Temple 行天宮.
It was the God of Wealth's birthday so you probably know what we've wished and prayed for. We got this card (picture below) from the registration area- yes temples here are fancy like that. Before you say your wishes and prayers, you say your name in your head, together with your birthday and address (I don't quite understand the logic behind this) and then feel free to wish for whatever you want in dear life.

Speaking of wishes, one of our layout artists celebrated her birthday last Sunday. We surprised her with a birthday cake and she was so touched she was crying while saying her birthday wishes. I realized I have grown acquainted with their culture and they have already adopted me as one of them. I will never trade my colleagues for anything.

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