Something Happened

Something happened few days ago. I would no longer elaborate but it is still haunting me in my sleep. The night when it happened, I was crying in bed thinking all about the what if's in the world. But thank God nothing happened. For some precautionary measures, I was advised to get a C.t. scan and some x-rays. I'm still grateful there are people I can run to when I need help, I love my Wenshan friends and ate/s so much.

The whole incident made me enter Wanfang Hospital for the first time in two years. I was handed a slip before doing the scan and my friend Isa burst into laughter when I showed her the slip.  Maybe they were referring to "accessories" when they meant "decoration." Anyhow, the scans are clear. The doctor gave me some gels for the pain. The hospital process here is pretty neat, the scan results are sent to the doctor using a computer program, so we need not wait for the scan results.

My friend was correct when she said that no matter how careful we are, there will always something that can happen to us. Unfortunately to me, I was all alone in my room. What if I get a pet? I never had a pet. I cant even take good care of myself, let alone a pet? Who am I kidding? I murdered two tiny fishes in my old residence last year when I overfed and gave them a cap-full of food instead of 'just a few pinches.' But I saw this big adorable furry creature in the church community's place and I fell in love instantly. Should I consider?

In other news, Mr. President appeared in one of Taiwan's daily paper yesterday. Reports said PNoy has found his Seoul mate, and that the Philippines and South Korea are now having warmer ties. I laughed so hard when I read this caption on an AP photo.

I have a press pass for the International Book Fair in Taipei World Trade Center but the tamad in me is hindering me to go. Plus it's raining again and it's cold outside. Might consider going tomorrow because the forecast says we'll be seeing a bit of Mr. Sun. Yay, 12 more days until I feel them powdery white sand between my toes and a good dose of sunshine :)

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OMG! What happened?!?!?!