It's Yihui's Wedding!

I might just be the most cynical person when it comes to love and relationships but it is a totally different story when I see my friends walk down the aisle and hear them say "I do."

My classmate and good friend in graduate school, Yihui, invited me to her beach wedding in Singapore. She was my partner in counting-down-the-days to semester break because that would mean going home for a vacation. I have been asking her of their plans when we were still studying MA and I can feel the excitement in her voice when she talks about the future. The wedding was very "Yihui," simple, beautiful and intimate.  

I stayed with Achie Jenny, my cousin, for three nights and bonded with my niece-god daughter Alyanna. She's my only god daughter who calls me "ninang." During the days I spent with her, I was hoping deep inside that she will be one fine woman some day (Gosh she talks a lot, quite more than I do!) I was only 14 when achie had Alyanna. We practically grew up together, saw her from infancy to toddlerhood, and now that she's already a "young adult" (well thats what she said!). And as I have told her, ninang will strangle whoever breaks her heart, chos! It was a relatively short trip to Singapore but the 4-day stay was lovely thanks to friends and family!

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