Happy Dragon Year!

新年快樂!恭喜發財!Chinese New Year is usually a week-long celebration for the Chinese. Here in Taiwan, offices had a nine-day holiday which is spent by going home to provinces, being with the family, and paying respect to the gods.

This is the first time that I celebrated CNY here in Taipei. The past two years, when I was still in graduate school, I go home every winter break which coincides with the spring festival (Chinese refer to CNY as spring festival because the start of the lunar new year marks the beginning of spring).

Instead of having the holiday, I 'volunteered' to work. Our newspaper caters to the expats so we were told not to stop publishing. Our working time is cut to four or five hours so I have a lot of time at night, like tonight.

During the NY's eve and the NY's day itself, Taipei is nothing but a ghost town. Even my floor-mates at home have gone back to their provinces and everyday has been very peaceful and quiet. Having thought of no restaurants to dine at,  I was actually more than ready to embrace a 7-Eleven and Family Mart diet for some days. But eventually, I need not starve to death. I was invited to a lot of eating. I think my stomach was shocked with all the food it's trying to digest.

I'm born in the year of the Dragon but I don’t really believe in all those predictions about what our year is going to be like. It's always about faith, hard work and perseverance. They say this cute little steamed buns would bring longevity and luck, I don’t know how, but yeah they taste good. Happy CNY!

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