Of Sadness, Fear and Everything

And then a cloud of sadness envelopes the girl. She is suffocated from all her fears. She is pushing herself to take the bits and pieces of what she has- her strengths and aspirations- putting them altogether, like a jigsaw puzzle, turning the bleak into surreal.

Constantly, she prays for faint chances of disillusionment, of failures. Words that must have kept her awake until the wee hours of the morning, with warm tears that have dampened her cheeks and swollen her eyes. She likes to keep her faith and hope incessant though, so as to win the ordeal. And she needs her prayers. Deep, sincere and honest ones.

So that the next tears that will dampen her soft pale cheeks, are of joy and happiness.


Dexter said...

And you don't write well. Supposedly. >_>

Tell uh... "the girl" that I'm praying for her as well, though I'm most definitely sure she'll find fulfillment in ways she probably never imagined in the first place. We've a great God, remember. If there's anyone who deserves it, it's the one who's made a lot of sacrifices and stayed positive amidst everything. There's only so much way that's left - keep faith. =)

Jacqueline Uy said...

i will surely tell that girl that she has a really good friend in a person named dexter... the girl is smiling now....