Let's Talk About Love

Don't you just love that cute little word I posted? Anyway... I'm not really feeling me today. I'm thinking less of the things I used to think about for the past two days that I'm officially out of my Hello Kitty-filled cubicle. Oh well, maybe. Maybe not. I'm craving of thinking, or writing rather, about love.

After watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (where Niko did shed a couple of tears), I was amazed by how love can cast a spell unto someone. The eyes twinkle, the skin glows, the cheeks flush. The heart is filled with a sea of emotions causing you to give your all, your everything. Magnificent isn't it? That I hope the world can someday be free of hatred and just embrace the idea of learning to love everyone, good or bad.

But that's just about it. I can no longer expound and share things about romance, relationships and all that hullabaloo of love. Because I never really cared about those silly romantic things ever since the world began (well except for some Nicholas Sparks and Judith Mcnaught that moved me to tears page after page).

I have always thought of love in other aspects, say, in the sense of loving what I do, what I have, and what I believe in. But that thought would always bring me to the reason why I left the good people in my first job, and every time I think about this I feel sad and guilty.

It did break my heart, and it broke theirs too, but my reason would still be this concept of love, in a no-romantic level. I no longer love where I am, or what I'm doing. Talking to two dear old friends whom I haven't seen for months (and years, the other one) has helped me realize "love" in another form- that love begins in the word called "self" and extended or shared in the word called "others".

Now I know how to go about life, and dreams, and ambitions, bit by bit, step by step. Hoping it would help me reach my ultimate dream, someday, somehow. And yes, cheesy and mushy, but as they say, "love will make a way". Hoping also that I will love the next job, and the upcoming ones :)

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