Not Meant to Be

When I was younger, I had these so called doctor dreams. I dreamt of becoming a doctor, having a doctor as a husband and having children who will continue the passion in medicine. I became the little assistant of my cousin then, who was a pediatrician, and I was pretty sure that time that I wanted to be like her. I don't know what happened to that dream. I guess the dream genie tweaked my life into something else. I really have no regrets. But if I can still turn back time, and if my dad would have said "sure honey, you can take medicine and i sure bet you won't become an old maid" I guess I would still want to be a doctor (yes my dad said the opposite of what was quoted). I would have taken Medicine and MedTech or Pharma as my pre-med, then perhaps specialize in Pediatrics, Gynecology or Dermatology.

I look up to doctors. In fact, I admire them a lot. I've been going to one dermatologist (Dr. Cuaso) in my whole life ever since I started getting zits in high school and up until now (I'm 20) I still go to her for skin problems. That if you compare my skin then and now, you wouldn't know that little miracles could actually happen. I also go to only one pediatrician (Dr. Tan King King, or sometimes her clinic partner Dr. Dy Suat Tong) and she's been great. I haven't been sick lately so it's been quite some time since I last saw her.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I don't want the undergrad I have taken. I know I have this little creativity dying to get out of me and taking Communication Arts was my best bet to let it all out. And I enjoyed every minute of my Comm Arts life. I wouldn't be where I am now if not because of all the activities I did back in college. And I wouldn't be living one of my biggest dreams this quick if I didn't take this degree. I will be one step closer to that dream on Monday.

Maybe my ambition of becoming a doctor is not meant to be. But a future- kick ass-doctor as a boyfriend will now be a part of the ambition list. And the doctors I look up to, will forever be an inspiration.


Soapaholic said...

Ohh I love the line about the kickass doctor-boyfriend!!:)

You've got a very nice blog!:)

Jacqueline Uy said...

awww thank you ms. soapaholic.. im guessing you're from GT? hehehe :)

sab said...

thanks for dropping by mine.. my goal is to have a lawyer/basketball player boyfriend. and i wonder why i'm still single. hahaha!