Random Saturday Thoughts

I wish the weather now is as nice as the photo above. The nonstop rain makes me too lazy to get up and even go out to buy lunch.

  • I’m currently watching Masterchef Junior on the new flatscreen TV ‘given’ to me by my landlord. I complained last time how my TV has not been working and he generously changed it to a new, sleeker one. Dang these junior chefs are amazing… using blowtorch and making smores cupcakes, chocolate ganache tart, steak crostinis… And how can they be so much more mature than those competing in the Masterchef adult edition?
  • More than 40 days of not shopping has left me with a very strong urge to go to Zara. And go to Zara I did. I picked two pairs of chinos because most of my slacks have become baggy— result of too much spinning from the washer, and a dress just because it’s spring! But I need to justify my purchases by saying that they are all for daily office wear hehe.
  • Last week was one of the longest weeks of my life. I still do not know how it was possible for us to organize a Triduum without our church’s “main people,” but we did it. Thank You Lord! Also, a group of Malaysians who attended the Triduum learned about the Holy Week Service through my blog heehee *blush*. I was shy to tell them I was that blogger but I was too happy to learn somebody benefitted from the English Mass post! 
  • BFF time with Monnette. Thank you, Coldplay for having your concert here! Hay I missed having my closest friends to talk to.      

  • Our living-dining room renovation is almost complete! The re-tiling is done, as well as re-painting. The tv cabinet and dining set have all been delivered and assembled. My interior-designer friend said it looks like a Rockwell condo (haha Binondo version nga lang!). I will be home next month to decorate the wall shelves and our mini work area. Still searching for my dream couch, but I had our narra sala set re-upholstered while saving up for a new one. 

The coming week is pretty crucial for me, career-wise. Please, please help me pray for it. Happy weekend!

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