Taking a Breather

Hello! Thank God for long weekends! I get to pause and breathe and catch up with myself. I was MIA for several weeks because (1) I'm loaded with work, church and life stuff (2) I attended a training in South Korea (3) There are just too many things I need to do I can't even keep up, but most importantly because (4) It's Lent, and as much as possible I want to stay away from all the noise and just enjoy the silence, hoping to hear His voice in that quietude.

The past couple of days I went nature tripping with friends. Most of the time, I just marveled at the beauty of God's creations, whispering how there is so much trouble, how people are suffering on the other side of the world, but still thanking Him for the opportunity to live this life and breathe in all His love and greatness.

I will leave you with some photos, which I hope will also inspire you to quiet down, reflect and find meaning on all the things we are going through.

May we all have a blessed and meaningful Lent.

Above photos are taken at the following places: Yang Ming Mountain, Fugui Cave Light House, Laomei Stone Ditches and Danshui. 

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