New Beginnings

Happy New Year! How was your first week of the year 2017? I spent mine going back to work after a 12-day holiday back home, unpacking, and cleaning my apartment. I don't  know if it's because of the mild winter here in Taipei, or the happiness brought by my long vacation, but I feel more refreshed and energized to accomplish some tasks I have jotted down.

I didn't do much in 2016. I started my 2016 by writing down goals- some of which I was able to achieve, some I still have to work on. In February, I went to the US to visit my aunt and celebrated Chinese New Year with my cousins in LA. Kaymee's family visited in March and I flew home to be with my brothers in April. I went to Hanoi and Sri Lanka for business trips in May and spent the rest of the summer months from June to August in Taipei. I was home again for my cousin's wedding in September, then my friend Billie was in Taipei in October- the same month I received my permanent residency. November was probably the craziest of all months as it was our conference month. December was the best ending as I got to see my cousins, nephews and nieces I have not seen for a while. Because really, nothing beats family time.

So that was my 2016 in one paragraph. With Duterte and Trump winning the presidency aside, I'd like to think that my 2016 was a rather 'steady' one. I'm excited on what 2017 will bring- laughter, tears, highs, lows, fresh beginnings, new memories. I re-posted a tweet from Francis Kong which quite sums up what I want for the New Year. He said, "And next year is a better year when we first become a better person." That should always be the goal- to strive to be better. Here's to a better us in 2017!

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