Home for Christmas

Hohoho! 12 days to go before Christmas (Eve)! I have not done any Christmas shopping save for the wallet I bought for my dad. I think it is a good thing though- I mean, not focusing too much on the commercial side of things but rather on the spiritual side. I have taken more time to actually quiet down and remember the essence of what we are celebrating.

Looking at the belen and praying while gazing at the flames of the advent candles give a very different feeling. It brings so much peace, especially knowing that the year will soon come to a close and there are plenty to be thankful for, both the good things and the not so good ones.

The last time I spent Christmas with the family was in 2012, or was that 2013? I can't even remember. Those were the dark years, as  I call them. God who is all good and powerful dispelled that darkness and brought light in our midst, and I'm truly grateful. I like to think that He hears my prayers every simbang gabi, since my novena prayers for simbang gabi is usually for this particular intention.

I'm getting teary-eyed as I type but I guess nothing can ever explain the joy that comes from within whenever we enter this season. There are lots of gift wrapping, gift exchanging, partying and all other revelries, but what matters most is that special time we spend with friends and families, and remembering the baby Jesus in each one of them.

I cannot wait to be home for Christmas!  May the birth of our Savior be an occasion for all of us to express our love for one another! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!

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