Crazy Cold

 But not today. 

I can probably say this is the worst winter in the whole duration of my stay in Taipei. It was 3 degrees last Sunday and people were flocking to Yangmingshan (mountainous area 45 minutes away from Taipei) to see the snow. I wanted to see how Yangmingshan looks like with snow but it was below zero over there so I didn't bother. Some of my church friends went and had a hard time looking for a ride back to the downtown area. They arrived home close to midnight with most buses to the main station filled to the brim. As for me, I was knocked out by 9:30pm with a painful, throbbing migraine.

The crazy-cold weather lasted until Monday night and so did my migraine. I really wanted to call in sick to work but they might need a medical certificate so I quickly popped a painkiller and braved the 7-degree weather outside. I felt slightly better after work. I downed a cup of hot brown sugar milk tea, bundled up in my fleece blanket and a think layer of comforter around 9pm and I was off to dreamland. The next day, it was a sunshine-y 22 degrees. Hay Taipei, you've got to be kidding me.

It will be rainy again for the rest of the week until I leave for my short vacation. I have yet to buy some stuff for my aunt and cousins, and then start packing. I'm excited, but there is a terrible pang of guilt inside of me for taking this trip.

Anyhow, drama aside, these are some of the highlights of my week:
We visited a friend in Wugu last Saturday and they prepared a simple but delish Filipino feast consisting of arroz caldo, guinataan, maja blanca, and cassava cake. My contribution was the surprise home-baked chocolate cake (the one with green M&Ms) and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. A good meal shared with friends truly warms even the coldest of hearts... like mine mwahaha!

We threw a surprise birthday gathering for our dearest Ate Emma and Auntie Belen on Sunday. They are part of my Sunday family and have always been looking after me since I started going to Holy Family. During our dinner celebration, we were able to video call Peter, Agnes and my goddaughters in Japan. I cant believe how fast these two girls have grown in so short a time! Emi was asking Ninang if she can enter the phone screen so we can bake again together. Awwww I miss these two babies.

That's all I have for now. Offices here will be on holiday from Feb 6-14 for Chinese New Year. I'll extend my leave for a couple of days to enjoy some solitude. Wishing you all a happy MONKEY year! 恭賀新禧!!! 萬事如意!!!

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