Oh my, it's July!

Hello, world! I miss my little online space. I miss writing on quiet nights like this so today I'm taking full advantage of my Saturday-night-in for a quick recap on things that are keeping me busy.

I spent one week back home in the middle of June, mostly for a work event, but I'm glad I had the weekend off to be with my ahia and my mom who was in Manila at the time. It was the most unhurried and stress-free trip home because my goal was just to be with my family. I had a quick trip to the salon after arriving from the airport on June 19, and dropped-by Browhaus for eyebrow threading. We picked up my brother from work and the following weekend was spent shopping and bumming around. My bestfriends Monnette and Monica took me out for lunch and had a little catch up session.

I also made a trip to my dermatologist Dr. Judy Cuaso because of my crazy cystic breakouts that I wrote about last time. I had my scar on my knee checked and had some skin treatments done. I'm now 95% clear, thank you Doctora Judy for always saving my skin. I went back to my old school regimen of Cetaphil cleanser plus Benzoyl Peroxide and an oral antibiotic. However, my right knee, the one that got injured last year, still has the ugly scar which my doctor said will take some time to fade. The ointment she prescribed after the injection I had last April was helluva expensive, but I think it's working and the scar has started to fade gradually.

After my "work trip", I finished some reports and worked on our monthly publications. It feels like June just said hello and goodbye, then I woke up one morning and it's already the first of July.  This month's highlight has got to be Auntie Florence's surprise 80th birthday celebration last July 12 at our parish hall. Heaven knows how hard we've all worked to pull off such a big surprise. I was in charge of the overall event, from the program, event script to the venue decoration. I could only think of one concept- the traditional Filipino debut celebration- so we had 80 wishes (birthday messages that I placed in a jar), 80 roses and other 'pakulo'.

We had two weeks to prepare. I spent some nights working on the script, the powerpoint, photo slideshow and editing the video greetings from friends and her students overseas. It was hard work but when I saw Auntie Florence's face lit up when she entered the hall, I knew all our efforts were worth it. Auntie Florence is one of the reasons why I stand strong in all things I do. Even though I dont talk a lot about my feelings, she knows my heart well. I'm blessed to have known her :) Happy birthday, Auntie Florence! You occupy such a big space in my heart, I love you always!


Rea Ninja said...

Awww, that's such a sweet surprise! I'm sure it was tough to organize an event like that but like what you said, it was worth it. I hope you're doing just fine, haven't heard from you for quite a while, hehe ;)

Jacqueline Uy said...

Thank you for dropping by Rea! I really had no time to blog but I'm now catching up with everyone in the blogosphere :)

Nheng said...

Looks fun! Tuwang tuwa si lola. I wish I can also pull off a celebration like this for my mom.



Unknown said...

And before we knew it, July would soon be over. Happy 80th birthday to Auntie Florence! (^-^)

Jacqueline Uy said...

@ Neri Ann
Hehe yes she's very much surprised and overwhelmed :)

@ Mommy Charm
I know! It's August next week! Crazy!!! :)