Friday Thoughts

Happy Independence Day to my beloved motherland! It's Friday and a relatively easy day at work. My friend Kuya Ronald sent me a video link of the song "Manila" by The Company, to remind us of home and this important holiday. Tonight, us Filipinos in Taipei will celebrate the Independence Day at an event organized by Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO). We're all looking forward to see familiar faces and talk to Pinoy friends who, like us, have considered Taiwan as their second home.

The last few weeks of May were quite busy. I hosted one of my best friends, Monnette, her boyfriend Jarek and their college barkada who's visiting Taipei for the first time. I cannot take any day off so I was only able to take them around the whole weekend. Monnette has visited me several times and even stayed at my previous pad. I showed her my new place and new work area, then took her to dinner with Jarek on their last day. I was touched by Jarek's approval for me to stay here for the better, although I was telling him I actually want to move back home.

My second goddaughter in Taipei was baptized last May 31st. I love this photo of us taken by Auntie Josie. She fell asleep in my arms after her baptism, while everyone was enjoying a great meal. Poor little Lisa must have been so tired during the entire ceremony. My first goddaughter here in Taipei is her elder sister, Emi. I hope they both will grow in faith and love of the Lord. I'm very excited to hear Lisa's first words. Emi is really articulate now and can express herself fluently in Chinese and Japanese, but has yet to build up her confidence in the English language. She calls me "Nina"  as she cant pronounce "Ninang" very well.

I was busy baking cookies and brownies for a flea market and Pentecost fair in church weeks ago. The sales at the flea market was just okay, but all goodies were sold out at the Pentecost fair. I was so happy to receive feedback from church friends saying they loved the classic chocolate chip cookies and the fudgy brownies. I've also recently learned how to properly frost a cupcake! No more using spoon, knife or spatula to 'smear' frosting. I finally bought a starter set of Wilton piping tips with disposable bags and here's my output- a moist red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting!

I don't know if it's the change of weather (Taiwan's summer is soooo hot and humid) but my skin has been breaking out really bad lately. I went to see a derma in Taipei Med and was prescribed with an oral antibiotic and some topical ointment. I remember my dermatologist in Manila, Dr. Cuaso who would refuse to give me antibiotics unless necessary (I remember she gave me Tetracycline once when I was in college). She swears by topical creams, but here in Taiwan every dermatologist prescribes antibiotics... I hate taking them, but I guess I have no other option. I rarely put on powder or any make-up, but I have to now to cover the marks. I'm wearing several layers of powder in this photo below. Church friends commented that it was their first time to see me with makeup on during Lisa's baptism. I hate putting on make-up and having to remove them using a different cleanser. I  really hope my skin clears up soooon :(

That's all for now! Happy long weekend to everyone in Pinas :)


Nheng said...

That picture of you and ur goddaughter is cute!


Mrs. Panda said...

lovely baby! :) i remember home too because it's independence day today :) maybe you can do a baking post soon! i love fudgy brownies!

Lux G. said...

That's a beautiful place to visit. Happy Independence to you!

Girl Chasing Sunshine said...

Love your photo at the Queen's Head! Nasa bucketlist ko ang Yehliu when I come back to Taiwan this year. :)

Love Love ♥ said...

late response!

Awww don't you get homesick when you are away? I'm glad you had fellow Pinoys too there. :D

Leah @ CuriousWeekends