Day off how I long for thee! At long last, I had a day all to myself. As usual, it was a day well spent inside my room, under the covers. I stayed home for lunch, cooked rice and steamed the food I bought yesterday, intended for today's meal- because I'm lazy like that. The only time I left my room was when I had to leave for an hour of hatha yoga, some grocery shopping and bank errands. I felt refreshed and re-energized, after more than a week of running around and doing late pages for work. Funny thing though, this whole week I didn't feel cranky at all, despite the crazy cold and rainy weather Taipei's experiencing.

Yoga update: I'm on day 11. I have been doing asana pranayama which is mostly breathing exercises and some easy stretching; yoga therapy with sun salutation; and the hardest class I have attended is hatha yoga, it felt like parts of my body are being ripped off. I also tried hot yoga where we stayed in a 40deg-room doing basic gentle yoga postures. We were all drenched in sweat and chugging water after the session.

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