Ahia's Taipei Visit

It was Ahia's turn to pay me a visit after I went to Chicago summer of last year. I was very excited because I find it odd that it's the little sister who is going to pick the big brother at the airport and to show him around the city. He had a list of request: no parks, no museums, no long walks (all these he made me do in Chicago under the blazing heat wave). There was nothing left but to shop and eat. 

Ahia celebrated his birthday on Dec. 4. It is normal for him to have a week-long celebration with friends, colleagues, and the family so I'm worried about how he has been eating a lot! I constantly pray for his success and good health. I am just so blessed to have a brother who knows how to spoil his sister so much. But apart from spoiling me rotten, he has the biggest heart and shares whatever he has to everyone. Every night when I'm in bed I think of him and the way he cuddles when I sleep beside him. He is so heavy but he puts his leg above mine until I grimace in pain and we laugh together. My dihia, every time he comes home, the two of them sleep in the double bed and even hugs each other to sleep. It's still a mystery how they fit in that bed. Maybe that's the reason why the mattress was already sagging the last time I was home. Happy birthday ahia, thank you for always being proud of my little achievements.

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