Happy Thanksgiving!

I may not be an American, I didn't grow up in the US, but today I'd like to join them in celebrating what I think is the second-most important day to Christmas- Thanksgiving day. It sounds off that they have only a day for Thanksgiving, when we all can give thanks everyday. But they make this day extra special by going home to their families and celebrating it together over a hearty dinner comprising of turkey and gravy.

There are so many things, and people who I have to be truly thankful for. And for all those things, all those names, I keep them in my heart and remember them in prayers. It has been a relatively silent year for me, despite all the quiet struggles I have. Still, thank You for giving me this life to live and for inspiring me to love everyone in my life. Thank You too for those challenges, for sometimes breaking me apart, then making me whole again by helping me stand up with my feet on the ground.

Thank you too to my family, my brothers, especially the eldest who has been very supportive all throughout (he visited last week by the way!); To my job that sustains me; To my colleagues who are very awesome; My friends here, back home, and those who are scattered all over the globe, you are my constant cheer-me-uppers; My church friends who taught me to grow in my faith; My favorite priests who give such inspiring homilies to reflect on, particularly one who has personally taught me to enjoy and live in His presence.

So with this, I greet you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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