Peace and Quiet

There is an overwhelming amount of thoughts in my head lately. I had difficulty quieting down, but on days I feel awfully tired, I sleep a dreamless sleep, and it feels so good. I love how sleep can be a form of escape. Eight hours of escaping reality is so wonderful that sometimes I refuse to press that snooze button and continue my escape for a couple more hours.

Two weekends ago, I escaped my life's troubles and went on a silent recollection organized by our church group. I was surrounded by lush greens and beautiful flowers. I can't recall the last time I looked up the sky and sigh in admiration of the stars twinkling at night. I was reminded of those laid back nights in the province where the parents would walk around our backyard after dinner, while I gaze at the sky and breathe fresh air.

I woke up the next day right at the break of dawn, with the chirping of the birds as my alarm clock. No snooze button. I walked around basking in the early autumn sunshine. In silence, I marveled at how beautiful my surrounding was. I was lost in conversation with our Creator and with myself. I didn't know what to say, what to pray for. I enjoyed that simple moment of peace and quiet, feeling His presence.

I forgot about the thoughts that have been residing in my brain- the plans, the to-do's. It was refreshing to keep still and think of nothing. Those moments I felt at peace, with myself and with the world.

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