Lessons on the Year that Was

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I haven't written anything since forever. I just want to share some lessons I gathered from the experiences I have had this year 2010.

I cannot always pretend that everything is perfect or smooth sailing. I have problems that only a few close friends know about and they are amazed on how I'm holding it up together. It is just a blessing that I've been living a busy life the past months in Taipei that I couldn't bring myself to think of the problems I have to think. If I can only slice my brain into pieces, divide them into parts, and assign each part to problem A, B and C, that would make me happy.

I struggled the past couple of months. I managed to smile each day and think of better things. I busied myself with teaching people the right communication skills and writing my thesis proposal to finish graduate school. With God's grace, I was able to focus on my thesis and did quite well on the proposal and defense. I owe it all to the big Guy up there who's been giving me so much strength to handle these situations. I'm coping so well that I don't have hate in my heart anymore.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to our own choices and decisions. I choose to be happy and not let the problems affect me. I choose to smile not because I want to create a front, but because I desire positivity. Some people make bad choices, and even stupid decisions. But for some, fate interferes and brings them a little discovery that will change the way they perceive things. Such is life. You  make wrong turns, but you can always think of ways to go to a better route and maybe somehow redeem yourself to those you've wronged. But then again the choice is yours. It's always about options, and they all have their corresponding consequences.

So that basically sums up my entire year, a year full of learning, academically and life-wise, from all the highs and lows and heartaches. They make us stronger. I was swamped with books and readings and I was this close to losing everything and giving up, but I persevered. All the things I have now, or where the path had led me, is all because of sheer hard work and constant prayers. Even if I'm scared to death, I don't give up because I have faith. I'm way past the adjustment period in living my life alone. I don't know why or how it took me so long to learn it's okay to be alone in the other side of the world. With what I've been going through, I think I can now live and have my own peace somewhere along life's trajectories.

I am so looking forward to a good 2011. Lord, whatever's in store for me in the year to come, be my guide and light my way. Keep my family safe, especially mom, because she's my strength.

HAPPY 2011!!!

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