The Sister I Never Had

All my friends knew how much I wanted to have a sister. Someone who I can share my bedroom with, pull an all-nighter with, or just stare at the ceiling and talk about anything and everything. Someone who can always be there for me, understand how it feels like to be a girl pms-ing every month, and someone I can truly call my bestfriend.

I think not having a sister just made me miss one half of my life. I can just imagine the giggles and laughter that will fill our room, or the way we'd fight on who gets to have the newest top or shoes. I know the bond that sisters share with each other is unbreakable, that even if you'd fight over the biggest thing in this world, sisters will always be sisters.

Reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper made me cry myself to sleep. Maybe, if I have a sister, I will give her everything I have, even if that means taking a piece of me. Because she is my sister and I will do anything to be her sister. But then, there's no little sister, or big sister who I can give my whole heart to, or ran to when someone or something breaks my heart.

Well, the closest thing I got to feeling that I have an elder or younger sis is having cousins who are almost twice my age. Last July 11, I spent time with them in Hong Kong, Macau and here in Manila. Shopping is indeed a sisters thing. It's a moment that keeps you closer, you know, asking what color would look better, or what kind of pants to match it with. Those kinds of things I'm missing a great deal but I was able to pull through because of my achies, somehow. What makes me also double happy is that these achies of mine are achievers, professionals. So I look up to them. The once-upon-a-time dream of becoming a doctor actually originated from one of them. They are my driving force to be on top of my game no matter what. And of course, they are the sisters I never had.

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