Happy Mother's Day!

Although her constant nagging in almost everything that I do is killing me and her always talking in full throttle that I would love to cover my ears (say a hundred and fifty words per minute), I can't help but love her. Even if I'm sick of her prying into my personal life (i.e., reading my text messages), I still can't help but love her. I have learned to accept and love all her idiosyncrasies, even if that means erasing all your messages in your inbox and sent items, because after all, she's my mother and i love her to bits!

Happy Mother's Day to all your mothers!

I would like to share this song to you, it touched my heart and I hope it'll touch yours too. It's a Muslim song introduced to me by a writer from Mel & Joey while we were editing in GMA :)

Your Mother - Yusuf Islam

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