Taipei Series: English-speaking Dentist

Hello! It's mid-autumn festival today. People are out grilling and eating mooncakes. I plan to just stay home and do nothing... or maybe do something hehe... so here I am resurrecting my Taipei Series with a new post, this time for expats' dental needs.

I discovered this dental clinic when I was still working at The Post. Their old clinic (they moved to a new location) is around the corner of our office's building so I thought it was the most convenient one. However, I didn't know if any of the doctors can speak English. My Chinese at the time was not that bad, but it would put me at ease if I can communicate to my dentist in a language that I'm most familiar with.

I still remember walking in for an oral prophylaxis and asking the receptionist if they have a dentist who speaks English. I was told that it was my lucky day because Dr. Zhan, their dentist who studied in New Zealand, was in the clinic.

I've been seeing 詹業勤醫師 Dr. William Zhan (I just recently learned of his English name!) since 2011. He is very nice and explains in detail what he needs to do, or what your "teeth situation" is. If a tooth needs to be filled, he orders a dental X-ray and shows you the results on screen.  I'm not sure if that's the standard practice, but I've been to two other dentists here in Taipei back when I was still a student, somewhere in Muzha area, but I don't remember having X-rays and such detailed consultations with them.

Dr. Zhan holds his clinic at 京站全人牙醫診所 Q-Holistic Dental Clinic.
Address: 台北市華陰街59號2樓/ 2nd Flr., No. 59 Hua Yin St., Taipei City
Nearest MRT Station: Taipei Main Station, Q Square Exit
Contact No.: 02-2552-5652

If you can read and write Chinese, or have a friend who can help, you may book an appointment online on the below website, just be sure to select Dr. Zhan's name on the drop-down list. You will receive a call from them to confirm your appointment.

Hope this helps!

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