Something About February

February air is surprisingly cooler. I have not turned on the AC in my room nor the fan for days now, but I find myself reaching out for my blanket in the middle of the night.

There is something about February that makes it feel so comforting. Perhaps because the holiday rush is over, and I'm now able to take things slow. Or maybe because I have gotten the hang of Manila life? I don't really know. My life has just been relatively quiet these days and I'm happy I get to hear my own thoughts or just be in conversation with myself.

Life updates: I'm now a regular employee at work (hooray!!!) and will celebrate my 6th month here at home in a couple of days. I can't believe 6 months flew by just like that. I feel more 'settled in', creating some routines of sorts and opening up my life a little -or maybe a wee bit more- to others. There are things that I sorely miss, but if I do focus on them, or keep on ranting or wishing for the impossible, I know I'd miss out on the many beautiful moments that are right before me.

On other things: I'm loving Toby's Estate Roasters (photo above) and finally gave in to my milk tea and fries cravings... Coco milk tea and Potato Corner!

Happy month of February everyone!

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