Five Things

Today, for the first time in 3 weeks, I was able to go home right after work. I had no plans but to take a quiet supper and slow down. It was a good break after what seemed like a month of rushing around and pacing back and forth. 

I dimmed the lights in my room and felt in the mood to blog a bit. Just sharing 5 things that gave me happy vibes recently :)

1. Dinner with my colleagues at a new Malaysian restaurant called 'Mamak'. It was so nice to spend time with them and talk about office frustrations… and life in general. I found the food way better than Pappa Rich and more wallet-friendly too! My colleague said the restau's interiors reminded her of Penang, specially this wall art:

2. I'm currently obsessed with taro chips and giant Yakult drinks. I "try" to buy the light version of Yakult because it has only 180 calories compared to the regular one (220 calories). But who am I kidding, the light version tastes like water hahaha.

3. I'm going to have a new laptop soon... after 10 long years! My white Macbook is turning 10 this year. My dad gave it to me when I was in college. It survived both my undergrad and grad thesis. Medyo naghihingalo na siya ngayon and I cannot update the OS anymore :( I gave in and asked my brother to order Macbook Air for me in Manila. Apple computers here in Taiwan have Chinese characters printed on the keyboard, sorry maarte ako hehe. Cant wait to tinker with it when I get home two weeks from now. My brother sent this photo; he said it came with a free power bank and laptop sleeve :)

4. I love lazy Saturdays. I went to the yoga studio an hour early before my class and had the entire floor all to myself. It was so peaceful watching Taipei City from the window. And the studio's mint tea is really nice. Sometimes I bring a big tumbler and fill it with their tea haha nakakahiya!

5. Taiwan was named as best country for expats based on a recent survey conducted. I was too happy to share this Forbes article to my mom. I wanted her to know that somehow, her daughter is doing okay in her second home.

Happy weekend everyone!

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