Hi, July!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great start to the month of July! I thought of writing a couple of updates before I go on a month-long blog hiatus to focus on some other things a.k.a. "life". It has been pretty uneventful the last few weeks so there's really nothing interesting to write about.

Well, okay, except for the daily downpour that has been ruining everyone's mood (fine, maybe mine only). Every day for the past week, the sky turns gray in the afternoon and gifts us with loud thunderstorms and heavy rain until late evening. Rain makes me sluggish so I usually end up cancelling my yoga classes after work because it's such a hassle to walk in the pouring rain.

But there are some nice days, like this one. I had a blah lunch at work and decided to treat myself with double chocolate matcha frappe from Starbucks. I skipped the whipped cream. The bitter taste of matcha melded beautifully with the semi-sweet chocolate. 

There's also this new taco place in town called Twinkeyz. I dropped by one time and ordered carne asada taco to go. I cant believe a taco with the size slightly bigger than my palm would cost NT$150. I can get 3 soft fish tacos at Macho Tacos for NT$180! It tasted okay but really, I'd rather spend my NT$150 on a McDonald's value meal. But their signage is cute though.

Why are all my favorite priests leaving? Huhuhu. It started with Fr. Manipadam- my favorite in Sacred Heart Guting during my university days here, then Fr. Jem left last April, and now it's Fr. Ivan. I know it's selfish to keep them to ourselves, but I'm happy Fr. Ivan will be moving to a new mission where he is greatly needed. Fr. Ivan is the only priest who pushed me and encouraged me to serve. If I'm tired but still have some tasks to accomplish for the community, I'd always remember Fr. Ivan- all smiles, always ready to serve Him- and then I'm motivated to go on.

I love this photo of us taken during Fr Ivan's despedida dinner! Notice the glasses of wine and champagne that I left untouched. The yellow glass was sparkling water (haha I asked for plain water after dessert because I couldn't take it anymore, masyadong sosyal lahat!). Maybe I should learn how to drink no? But I cant really appreciate alcohol, they all taste the same- bitter! Even if they served what they said was the best dessert wine the previous night, to me it was like a sweetened cough syrup. Haha sorry!

I shall return next month! :)

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